PLEASE CALL US ON 0161 766 3330

We want to empty your bin so please contact the office on 0161 766 3330 and we will make every effort to collect your bin as soon as possible.
We will mirror your existing rubbish bin collection day but we will empty it on the weeks the council don’t. This applies to both regular and one-off collections. For example, if your bin is emptied on a Tuesday then we will also empty your bin on a Tuesday but on the weeks the council don’t.
Please leave your bin out in the same way as you usually do for the council. Please make it easily accessible for collection and not causing any obstructions.
Collections are made between 7am and 6pm on the scheduled collection day. Bins always need to be available for collection from 7am.
We will not collect construction waste (Bricks, Rubble, Plaster, Ceramic, Cement, Plasterboard, Sand and Soil).

We will not collect hazardous material (Asbestos, Sharps, Chemical Waste and Medical Waste).

Please also ensure that not hot or combustible material is placed in the bin which may cause a fire.

Yes- only by prior arrangement with our office on a pro rata cost basis.

If not, only waste held within the container will be emptied.

We only collect general household rubbish but if your recycling bins are contaminated (if they contain waste that shouldn’t be in the recycling bin and if the council have refused to empty) then we can empty them for you. This gives you a new start to continue recycling.
We are a fully licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency (Registration Number CB/KE5644H5) We collect your waste, take it to a waste transfer station where it is processed before being transported to a Waste to Energy Facility. Treatment of waste by the waste to energy process is environmentally preferential to Landfill Disposal in the Waste Hierarchy set out by the DEFRA.
We will email you as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after payment has been received. The email will provide confirmation of your collection date and service instructions. If you have any questions, just reply back to the email we send you.
Once you have made payment, you are a Busy Bins customer. We will email you to let you know your first collection day which will be the same day that the council empty your rubbish bin but on the weeks the council don’t. We can’t empty your bin on the same day that you sign up as we have to prepare the route 24 hours before.
If you have signed up for one of our regular service options, then you don’t need to keep setting up payment. Payment is made on a recurring basis with payment taken on the same date as the date that you signed up each month.
Just sign back into your account and cancel the subscription from the account home screen.  If you are unable to find the option then please do not worry and contact us via email on or 0161 766 3330 and we can cancel the subscription.
If you move home and your new home is still within the area that we cover then you can continue with our bin collection service. Just email the office to let us know your new address.
We don’t currently clean bins. If this is a service that you are interested in, then email us at to let us know.
If we are at fault for damaging your bin, then we will replace it at our expense.
We offer a money back guarantee for all our customers to demonstrate how committed we are to a regular and reliable service. We want 100% customer satisfaction.

When you sign up for our service your bin collection day will stay the same but we empty your rubbish bin on the weeks the council don’t. (This will be confirmed in an email when you sign up).

If we fail to empty your bin on the scheduled day due to an error on our part then we will refund you the price of that collection. We will still empty your bin the next working day.

To claim the money back for the collection just simply contact us by phone or email and we will send the money back to you.

Further Information is in our Terms and Conditions.

Until April 2018 we will be donating 10% of profit to the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity AKA SuperJosh. This charity focuses on helping children and their families who have brain tumours and post-surgery disabilities. The charity was founded in August 2013 by Joshua Wilson and his mum, Dawn Fidler. When Josh was just 3 ½ he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour and life-saving surgery to remove the tumour left him with serious post-operative complications.

Money was needed to fund house adaptations to accommodate Josh’s various complex post-surgery needs. The charity grew as a result of the fundraising effforts and now Josh has gone, Dawn, Josh’s family and all the charity’s supporters have continued the work of the charity in his legacy. More information can be found at

Founder of Busy Bins, Josh Morris has met Dawn and witnessed the fantastic charitable work that she has carried out and that is why we have chosen this charity. From April 2018 the decision on which charities will benefit will be made by employees and customers of Busy Bins.

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