Hi, I’m Josh Morris, owner of Busy Bins. We’re a waste collection service that supports households and businesses in Bury, Rochdale, Manchester, Oldham, Bolton and Salford.

Busy Bins was born when local councils reduced the number of residential waste collections on offer. Despite their best efforts to recycle, people were struggling with overflowing bins and they needed a solution. So we stepped in with our reliable refuse collections.

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That was back in 2015. Since then we’ve built a reputation for dependable service and our firm has grown. Now our team also offers business waste collections, skip hire and junk removals. Today, we have a loyal customer base who know we're always ready with a smile and a wave and that we're as good as our word when it comes to collecting their bins.

More Than a Business

You can trust us to dispose of your rubbish responsibly. As a certified waste removal company, every item we collect is taken to a waste transfer station where it’s shredded and turned into energy. Keeping our streets clean and the lights on. History small big image

Beyond the bins, we believe in making our little corner of the world a better place to be. That’s why we’re setting up the UK’s first waste co-operative - to share our profits with the people who make our business successful.

What Makes Us Tick

These are the values that unite our team and guide everything we do.

We believe: