Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs). about our Business Waste Collection services, which probably cover
everything you want to know. However, if you can't find the answers you're looking for, please CONTACT US

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We currently offer business waste collection services for:

  • General Waste
  • Cardboard & Paper Recycling
  • Dry Mixed Recycling (Bottles & Cans)
  • Food Waste
  • Glass Recycling

We can provide 4 different bin sizes: 240L, 360L, 660L & 1100L.

We can serve most types of business and premises. If your business has its own premises then you are required by law to dispose of your waste with a registered waste carrier.

Here’s a list of the types of business premises we can collect from.

  • Nurseries

  • Care Homes

  • Schools & Higher Education

  • Student Accommodation

  • Leisure Facilities & Sports Clubs

  • Hospitality (Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Cafes)

  • Retail & Shops

  • Offices & Professional Services

  • Hair, Beauty & Healthcare

  • Warehouses, Industrial Units & Manufacturing

  • Event Management & Festivals

  • Facilities Management Companies

  • Estate Agents & Property Management

Just go to the request a quote page for our Business Waste Collection Services and fill out a couple of details on the form.

If you are unsure of what you need then just select that option on the website page and a member of the team will be in touch to help and advise.

You will receive a quote as soon as possible and no later than two working days.

If you’re unsure what waste collection service you need then a member of the team can help.

You will need to decide on:

-Type of Waste Collection (General, Cardboard & Paper, Dry Mixed Recycling, Glass or Food)

-Bin Size (240L, 360L, 660L, 1100L)

-Quantity of Bins

- Frequency of Collections.

We can advise you based on the size of your business, the sector than you work in and our own previous experience of companies similar to yours.

Not too much, just the business name and address and some contact details so we can provide the quote for you. You can fill out the Request a Quote Page online here.

To a large extrent that’s up to you. Most businesses choose a weekly or fortnightly service but if you require it a little more often or a little less then please just let us know and we can adjust the quote for you.

We do require a contract to be signed for our business waste collections. It’s a good idea for us to have an agreement on paper so both parties know what to expect.

The contract is for an initial 12 months and then after that we just require 30 days notice for cancellation.

We hope you don’t leave us but we won’t make it difficult for you to cancel should you wish to.

A Waste Transfer Note is a document that details the transfer of waste from one person to another. For each load of non-hazardous waste that you move off your premises, you need a waste transfer note or a document with the same information such as an invoice. Sometimes this can be called a Duty of Care note.

A Duty of Care note must be completed & signed by both the person handing over the waste & the person receiving it. It must contain enough information about the waste for it to be handled safely and disposed of legally. You need to keep you Duty of Care certificate filed so you can present it to your Local Authority, or the Environment Agency should they request it.

We do provide the bin(s) on a rental agreement.

We cover specific areas on specific days for bin deliveries so we will confirm this for you once the contract and duty of care certificate have been signed. It’s normally no more than 3 working days.

Here’s an approximate guide for the number of standard bin bags that can fit into each bin:

-240L: 5

-360L: 7

-660L: 12

-1100L: 20

240L: 0.58M wide x 1.08M high x 0.72M deep

360L: 0.62M wide x 1.09M high x 0.88M deep

660L: 1.26M wide x 1.3M high x 0.72M deep

1100L: 1.26M wide x 1.4M high x 1m deep

No worries, we have a solution for all business sizes. We offer bag collections for general waste & dry mixed recycling & we offer cardboard stickers for your cardboard bundles.

-240L: 25kg

-360L: 35kg

-660L: 60kg

-1100L: 90kg

You will be charged at 15p per additional kg over this allowance.

Our 240L & 360L bins are not lockable as standard. If you do require them to be lockable then we can retro-fit locks for you an additional charge.

Our 660L & 1100L bins are lockable as standard.

If your bin gets stolen/ damaged then the best thing to do is call our customer service team. Replacement bins can be sent to your site should this happen (This will come at a cost for the lost property of the container but if you need to check with your business insurance the waste containers may fall under this).

We cannot collect bricks, rubble, plaster, plasterboard, ceramic, sand, stone, gravel, asbestos, sharps, chemical waste, medical waste (nappies are fine), paint, solvents, corrosive acids, toxic material, large electrical items, oil, or large quantities of liquid & please also ensure that no hot or combustible material is placed in the bin which may cause a fire. (Ashes, Lithium Batteries, Coals etc).

Yes. Please email the sales team and they can arrange that for you. You will be required to renew your contract for a further 12 months from the date of the change in service.

Yes, please just email us on or call the customer service team on & we can arrange that for you for the next day that we service your area.

Yes. Please email the sales team and they can arrange that for you. You will be required to renew your contract for a further 12 months from the date of the change in service.

Yes. Please email the sales team and they can arrange that for you. You will be required to renew your contract for a further 12 months from the date of the change in service.

Payment is made monthly by direct debit. We will send over the forms to set up payment once you agree to proceed with the collection.

If you wish to pay us by invoice on 30 day terms then please apply for a credit account which is subject to successful credit checks.

We will not try and make it tricky or complicated for you to leave us. We don’t want you to go but should the need arise to cancel after the initial 12 month contract period is up, then please just email with your account details and address with a 30 days notice period required.

If the wrong stuff has been put in the recycling bins then we will not empty them as it will contaminate the full wagon load, making the recycling worthless.

You can either remove the offending items yourself or we can call back & empty the bin into the general waste at a charge of £25 & VAT per bin.

Please call us on 0161 766 3330 (Monday-Friday 9.30-3.30pm) or email (please include your address) within 48 hours of the missed collection. If you’re a regular customer please just double check that your payment is up to date and that the bin was accessible to the team during the scheduled collection day.

We’re not perfect but we do care about providing a dependable service so if we have made an error we will call back as soon as we can to rectify it. This is usually the next working day after notification of the error.

Please look to avoid the following scenarios to ensure a smoother service for all of us.

-We can’t get access to your waste due to locked gates or parked cars.

-The bins are overfilled or bin sheds are piled high with bags making it difficult to move the bin.

-The bins are filled with the wrong stuff.

-The Recycling bin are Contaminated.

We empty bins between the hours of 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Our Phonelines are open Monday-Friday 9.30-3.30pm and we do work bank holidays.

We provide Bin Collections for Households (One Off Collections & a Regular Service)

We provide Bin Collections for Businesses (Waste & Recycling)

We provide a Bulky Waste Junk Removal Service.

We provide a Skip Hire Booking Service